Day 1 – 40 Day Sugar Fast

Daily Encouragement:

First step of the journey. It’s well underway! Keep reaching. Keep trying. Tomorrow is waiting. It’s a bright, new day.

You Might Be Feeling:

If yesterday was a breeze, congratulations!! If you faced temptations, that’s OK! New beginnings require us to re-think everything – even the things we don’t usually think about. Breakfast was the most difficult for me. What I learned is that I need to have a plan (ahead of time) for what I will eat. Maybe you craved a treat… No problem! What you learned is that you value having something to look forward to. So make a list of things you wouldn’t normally indulge in. These first few days are going to be tough if your body is hooked on sugar. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Listen to your body. Don’t give in to cravings. Instead, reach for the healthy thing that your body truly wants and needs. You CAN DO THIS!

Did You Know:

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine?! If you thought about it today, that is NORMAL. If you missed it, that’s to be expected.  The good news is that it only takes our bodies a few days to detox. Let’s break the hold sugar has on our lives! We will get through this. In a few days, we will look back from a position of victory.  Sugar, you are no match for us. For even more support, join our Online Facebook Community! Photo Credit: AeroHillCoDesigns

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