Why do I have trouble finishing things?

That was the Google search I ran at 3:30 this morning.

Squirrel moment for a second… it will make sense at the end of this article, I promise. Why did I use my real name on this blog? And why did I let my friends and family know what I was doing?! They are reading this right now, nodding their heads, “Yep! That’s Cherie. She’s always running late too!”

For future reference, if you decide to start a blog, keep it anonymous. That way, you can say what you really want to say and not worry about what “they” will think or say to each other behind your back. Also, it won’t hurt your feelings that they’re NOT reading your posts. Nope. Next time, I’m going incognito. And I’ll cuss if I want to!

OK, so back to the “I have trouble finishing things.” Some of you have this same issue. You are the reason I’m writing this article and “out-ing” myself (as if everyone in my world didn’t already know this about me).

Last night, I finally came to grips with the fact that procrastination isn’t my problem. It’s actually worse than that. When I get to the deadline and know it’s time to give a …., I just don’t have anymore ….s to give. There is NOTHING that can help me or make me finish.

What the heck?! Procrastination is a problem, granted. But it’s one I create and one I have the ability to change. Having no ….s, I can’t change that. And apparently, I can’t fake it either. Uh, oh!

Back to that Google search… It’s clear that my Google thinks I’m serious/boring/not funny/insane. She didn’t point me to all of those fun Pinterest boards that joke about how having no ….s is liberating. Noooo my Google sent me links to Psychology Today. It should worry me that she knows me better than my husband, but hey… he’s a dude. Clearly, Google is not.

So, anyway, it turns out that this Psychology Today article helped me not only figure out why I have trouble finishing things, it pretty much summed up why I struggle in other areas of my life. (This is the part where squirrel moment will begin to make sense). What I learned is that I am afraid to fail. (See! Who would want their closest friends and family reading this? Anonymity, baby. It’s the only way to blog).

Finding out that I am afraid to fail might not sound like the most earth shattering thing, but when you start to find out the lengths I will go to to avoid finding out just how (insert negative self-talk) I am, you start to see that the fear of failure can be a cover for much deeper fear.

Back to you… If you struggle with finishing things like I do, after reading that Psychology Today article, I can confidently say, “You are NOT lazy, disorganized, irresponsible or rude.” There is a valid reason you can’t get the job done. Take some time to read this article, find out what’s reallly going on, and then you will have the power to do something about it. That’s the first step to getting some of your ….s back. 😉


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