The Times, They Are A Changing!!!

I started this website when I knew my life needed to change and had decided to take some risks. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and it just occurred to me that, without my realizing it, I have changed too. So much!!! I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with families and friends – and those who might be considering a change themselves.

Let me very quickly catch you up on the visible changes: We had a metal pole barn built. In the process of looking to add horse stalls, I met an amazing friend. And what an exciting blessing that she had 4 babydoll sheep (the breed I’d selected after extensive research)!

After a flurry of work, we have two beautiful stalls and are in the process of building collapsible lambing jugs. Yes, that’s right, lambs!! Two of our girls are expecting!!!!

And if that weren’t enough, I am expecting 13 apple trees to be delivered next week from Ithaca, NY. Through my seminary studies, I’ve been taken with the desire to pour myself into Creation Care. It’s not just a garden anymore. Soon, we will have a perma-culture tree guild.

Yes, it’s springtime in Missouri! Our plans are in place to set up a rotational planting schedule, I’ve selected and purchased the seeds. Besides my plans for a vegetable garden, I’m also planning to set up a few beds for flowers. It will be exciting to have fresh flowers for the table and to share with friends.

There is so much to learn, and so much to share!

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