The Journey: Week 1

Perfect timing?!

This blog was supposed to come out last week.  Might as well come right out with that…
And there I was telling you how EASY it is to grow your faith!  Umm, by any chance, did you happen to read the blog I posted on September 1st?  It was titled “Why do I have trouble finishing things?”  Oh, the irony. LOL. But here’s the thing, I believe God is using my weaknesses, the ones I exposed in that September 1st article, as an object lesson for all of us.  A lesson that is the PERFECT way to begin The Journey.

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Let me explain.  It IS easy to have more of Him.  In fact, it’s EMBARRASSINGLY simple to reconnect.  Want to know how?

JUST ASK.  He will answer.

For real.  It’s that easy.

OK, Cherié, if it’s that easy, and if that’s all you have to say in The Journey: 

  1. Why are you writing a blog?
  2. Why is it a series? And
  3. Why wasn’t your initial post on time?!

Because The Journey isn’t about finding the answers, it’s about making them part of who you are and how you instinctively react to life’s circumstances. Until then, even if you know the answers, like me, you will agonize, flail around, and forget.

How is my prideful word-smithing the perfect way to begin The Journey?  I believe it is God’s way of reminding us that the answers are (relatively) easy to find, write about and understand. Holding onto Him in the midst of life? Well, that’s a different story! It’s everything BUT easy. Yet if we are willing to be changed, to be humbled by the dumb mistakes we make time and time again, we can have more of Him right here, right now.

My fellow travelers, my brothers and sisters, I hope you will join me on The Journey.  The truth is, while I am willing to share what I know, what I have experienced and what I have learned, it’s just a glimmer of the Truth. Your insights and experiences will add to that light and lead the way forward for all of us.

In my next post I will share tips on “how to ask” and what to expect when you do.  Until then, blessings and peace in the confidence of our shared salvation!  As branches of one vine, we can do this.  Together!  (John 15:1-17).

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