If you don’t take care of yourself…

I think we have all come to the realization that we MUST set aside time for self-care.
Whether it’s hitting the gym; going for a run; keeping up with your dentist, ObGyn, and hairdresser; or maybe it’s a girls’ night out – These are the things that keep us sane.  Without them, we’re no good for ourself and can’t be there for others.

This wasn’t brought home to me until my son was diagnosed with cancer.  He was two image-1 years-old and I remember begging God to take me in Will’s place.  I’d lived.  Will was just a baby.  It’s not often that I hear from Him, but as I kneeled by my bed that night, His answer was unmistakable clear; “Cherie, if I take you, who will be there to take care of them?”  Whoa.

I wish I could say that this changed my attitude completely, but the truth is, I’m still the last priority on my list.  Through this page, I hope to offer some fresh ideas we all might work into our routines.  Test them.  Try.  Find one that appeals to you and turn it into a habit!  If not for you, for them…

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