Burn fat and tone your body in half the time

There are so many benefits to strength training. Whether you are trying to increase the power and endurance of your body, lose weight, control cholesterol, build bone density, or look good in a bikini… even a 30 minute, weekly session is well worth the effort.

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This workout doesn’t require a gym membership,  you can do it at home whenever its convenient, AND it targets several muscle groups in a single move. If you are just beginning to exercise, are over 40 or have a medical condition, talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise.

A few tips on this particular workout:

  1. Completed in circuits NOT rounds – there are three exercises in each circuit.  You should perform each three-exercise circuit three times before moving to the next circuit.  That means you will do three sets of the three exercises in Circuit 1, before you move to Circuit 2.
  2. Pick the right weight – your muscles should be tired by the third set in a circuit, but not to the point where your form suffers or you can’t finish all the reps.
  3. Choose form over speed – these are combination moves, so go slow.  By maintaining good form, you will target the entire muscle and amp up the benefits – including longer, leaner looking bodies.
  4. Focus on your core – with each of these exercises, imagine pulling your belly button backwards towards your spine, and up about an inch.  Breathe normally, but try to keep your abs contracted throughout all reps in each exercise.

Some of these combinations were new to me, so I studied the pictures and focused on the written directions in the Full Article.  If you have a tough time with anything, try it without hand weights or drop one of the two moves in each picture. For example, picture one is a reverse lunge and an overhead press. Choose either the overhead press or the lunge.

Another great workout from Susi May!


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